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What's Your Sun Sign?

Question 1 : I'm confused, Dr Z! What in the heck is a Sun Sign?

Question 2 - Dr Z, why don't I identify with my Sun Sign description?

The Answers: Actually, your Sun’s Zodiac Sign placement is probably the one and only part of your birth chart that you're already at least quasi-aware of (unless you happen to be one of those folks born at the very beginning or end of a sign).

Your Zodiac Sun Sign
The following dates are only approximate and may vary by a day or so depending upon the year and the actual positioning of the Sun in the sky.

There is much, much more to astrology than your Sun Sign... astrology is not simply comprised of the broad character descriptions of the 12 Zodiac signs and/or daily horoscopes. At the same time, understanding the heart energies of your Sun Sign placement is nevertheless a great place to start! The Sun is the very heart of your birth chart.

Word Associations
Think for a moment about some of the words, phrases, and/or concepts that are associated with the Sun: Glowing, warm, powerful, heat, dependable, shining, cheery, life-giving, new growth, fiery, new beginnings, sunshine, bright skies, center of our galaxy...

In mythology, the Sun is further associated with the great sky god, the Great Father (as well as our own earthly father), gold and other treasures.

In the birth chart, the Sun symbolizes the role of the Royal Ruler and the Hero... and in astrology, the Sun is the main character in your adventure and quest through this lifetime.

Your Celestial Instructions
According to the much esteemed astrologer Dane Rudhyar (The Astrological Houses), the Sun (along with the rest of your chart) contains "celestial instructions" that indicate the most authentic way (in my terminology) "to be who you are meant to be."

Your birth Sun is the Royal Ruler and Hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. However - contrary to a commonly held belief (and misunderstanding) - not everyone lets their Sun shine out. Therefore - while most folks do appear to readily identify with their Sun Sign - not everyone is easily able to identify with and demonstrate the energies of their birth Sun Sign. Nope. Not everyone fully expresses the energies of their Sun Sign.

I confess that astrologers (including most of all myself) are much to blame for this common misunderstanding, because we (astrologers) often get lazy and make blanket proclamations like: "with the Sun in Gemini you are blah... blah... blah..."

The Sun Is Your Authentic Pathway
Astrologer Howard Sasportas put put all this in a similar way (The Inner Planets), that your Zodiac sign placements are your "dharma" in this life. They are your authentic pathway.

According to Sasportas, a fly's dharma is to buzz. A lion's dharma is to roar. And, frankly, we would all think it more than a wee bit odd if all of the lions in the world suddenly decided that they'd be much happier if they buzzed and then all of the flies chose to start roaring.

Developed Over The Course Of A Lifetime
The Sun's energies are consciously developed over the course of one's lifetime. The Sun's energies (along with the rest of your chart) are our authentic pathway. The astrological Sun reflects those heartfelt energies that will - sooner or later - need to be explored, developed and experienced in order for you to be more fully, wholly "you."

For some folks, letting their Sun shine out is not an easy task. Yes... for some folks, letting their Sun shine out is an outright heroic task. For all of us it is a journey taking a full lifetime to complete.

So... here's the better, more accurate, way to say it: "with the Sun in Gemini your dharma [authentic pathway] is to develop and move toward the energies of blah... blah... blah..."

Note: If you happen to be one of those folks that doesn't readily identify with their Sun Sign (and there are more than a few of you out there), then you might want to calculate your full birth chart online (for free) in order to determine your Moon sign and/or your Ascendant sign. It's possible that you may more readily identify with one (or both) of those signs.

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