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Virgo and Love

Yep! I admit it. For years and years and years, it would seem that I've been reading Virgo all wrong. At least according to astrologer, Liz Greene, I'm all wet regarding the primary motivating archetypal force behind Virgo. (Unfortunately, there happens to be an incredibly valid reason as to why she would probably know a heck of a lot more about Virgo energy than I do.)

Anyway, according to Liz Greene, the motivating force behind Virgo is not "perfectionism." The primary motivating force behind Mercurial Virgo is that of "synthesizing." i.e. "How do I take all these different, unrelated bits and pieces and then synthesize them into something practical and useful?"

I still give "perfectionism" a close second place, regardless of what Liz Greene has to say on the matter. Darn it, I know in my heart that all the Virgos reading this description are - at this very moment - mentally doing a spelling check and looking for incorrect punctuation.

Before any of you "dyed-in-the-wool" Liz Greene fans decide to write in with hate mail for my being too critical of her, I should tell you that Virgo Liz Greene still happens to be my favorite living astrologer/writer. She just can't be right 100% of the time. No one's perfect... even I'm only right 95% of the time.

Emotional Safety
Anyway, it's important for Virgo's lover to know that Virgo generally feels the safest and happiest when being practical, useful, and productive. If Virgo can "figure out" and analyze his/ her environment, then they generally feel a lot safer and happier. If Virgo is happy, everybody is happy. If Virgo is unhappy, then (trust me) ain't nobody happy.

Often, the nicest things Virgo's partner can do in order to emotionally reassure Virgo are those little everyday practical expressions of affection that include sharing equally in the household chores and bringing Virgo a cup of chicken soup when he/she is sick. And barring other factors in the chart - as an "Earth Sign" - physical closeness, touch, and honest affection are often the best ways Virgo's "significant other" can express (and reassure) Virgo of their continuing love and affection. (i.e. A hug a day keeps the doctor away.) Likewise, Virgo's lover withholding physical expressions of love and affection is an ironclad, guaranteed way to make Virgo feel all alone and unloved.

As for Virgo and "virginity?" In the privacy of their own home (and behind closed doors), Virgonian energy may be anything other than what one might typically associate with being "virginal. "Virgo, with the Sun in the element of Earth, feels the safest and most comfortable when surrounded with the world of the five senses... sense of touch, sound, smell, sight, and taste.

If you think about it for just a second, then that sounds downright hot, sexy, and lusty, doesn't it? In fact, since Virgos pride themselves in regard to their practical, technical abilities - Virgo's technical proficiency will quite likely come in rather handy in the bedroom. Often they've developed a special little "something" that can literally rattle your bones down to the marrow...

Shadow: As an emotional defense against stress, the more uncomfortable Virgo feels with and in their environment - the more critical, fussy, and unreasonably petty Virgo may tend to become.

Note: By the way, there are a couple of glaring typo mistakes on this page. Of course, if you're a Virgo, then you already know that (and it's likely driving you crazy).

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