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Virgo Zodiac Sun Sign

Virgo? Here are a few key words and phrases: earthy, practical, and discriminating. Save the day... preserve things... build bridges... fix things... being of service... solving practical problems...

Does any of this sound even vaguely familiar, Virgo? I thought so... but hang in there with me until the end. If you stick with me until the very end, then you might even hear a few new and surprising thoughts about the Zodiac sign of Virgo.

One of the main keys to understanding Virgo (that I failed to mention just above)? "Perfectionism." Virgo is constantly aiming toward the eternally elusive goal of being "perfect." At the same time, Virgo is painfully aware they're lacking in the area of perfection and constantly coming up short of their goal.

Because of this unconscious need for perfection, Virgo has (fairly or unfairly) gained the reputation of being the Zodiacal "neat freak." And unfortunately because Virgo often extends their unconscious need for perfection to the people around them, Virgo has also earned the reputation of being overly critical in their interactions with loved ones.

C'mon... you know you've heard the tired old traditional line of thought? It's been said that Virgos have never found a house that they couldn't clean just a little bit better. However, as shocking as it might seem - many Virgos are total, absolute slobs when it comes to picking up around the house.

True enough... some Virgos are typically into organization, discrimination, and neatness in their surrounding physical environment (thus the reputation). However, on the other hand, many other Virgos are into "mental" neatness and have the tidiest, most organized minds you'll ever hope to come across in this (or any other) lifetime. So some Virgos are primarily into "physical" manifestations of neatness, many other Virgos are primarily into "mental" organization, and some Virgos fall into the middle and are into a little of both.

Practical Intelligence
With the Sun in Virgo, you are hardwired to be especially attuned to the element of in Earth... the element of Earth is a sensory world of concrete reality, sensory perception, and roots built on earthy, physical sensations. Thus, the Sun in Earth tends to feel the most comfortable when surrounded with the world of the five senses...

Whatever cannot be touched, heard, smelled, seen or tasted by Virgo is either denied or made as concrete and tangible as possible. The Sun in Earth is a consciousness sold on physical security - sold on the here and the now. And the search for security can often tend to make one a wee bit conservative and practical.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo energy often "shimmers" with intelligence. As with its flightier cousin, Gemini, (also ruled by Mercury) Virgo is a "mental" sign. However, (unlike Gemini) Virgo’s Mercurian intelligence is generally directed toward practical matters and practical solutions.

You see... Virgo desperately wants to be of practical service by fixing things, situations, or people. The fascinating thing about Virgo is that it's the one unique Zodiac sign with the innate ability to literally "turn a sow's ear into a silk purse." And, whether it's in Virgo's physical surroundings or in their neatly organized minds, Virgo energy often enjoys focusing in on the very smallest of details.

Hestia's Hearth and Inner-Fire
As the Celestial Virgin of the Zodiac, Virgo was traditionally associated with several different possible virgin goddesses. However, I sometimes prefer what might be considered by some (okay... almost everybody) to be a "off the beaten track," nontraditional association for the Zodiac Sign of Virgo. I enjoy associating Virgo with a virgin Greek goddess by the name of Hestia.

It's quite possible you may have never even heard of the virgin goddess, Hestia?... although she was actually one of the twelve main Greek Olympian deities, Hestia has no grand stories or myths depicting her deeds among mortals - and there were almost no ancient images of Hestia. Further, there were no Greek temples devoted specifically to her...

However, Hestia's consecrated and sacred hearth could be found in the center of each and every temple honoring the other Greek gods and goddesses... Hestia's hearth could also be found in every home.

Hestia's hearth was an ancient ancestor of today's modern utility of convenience and comfort, called the "central heating unit." Still more aptly, I remember the "ancient" gas furnace of my childhood home. Our "hearth" was located in the center of our home - with vents for each of the rooms directly adjoining the central furnace.

I remember - on especially cold winter nights - my older sister and I jockeying back and forth for the honored spot directly in front of the living room vent. It's a good bet that Hestia's hearth was equally honored on cold nights in ancient Greece...

Hestia's Wholeness
Hestia's deep abiding presence dwelled in the center of each and every fire - and Hestia's fire served to make deeply sacred whatever place it resided. Again, as mentioned previously, Hestia's hearth could be found in every Greek temple and in every single Greek home. As such, Virgonian energies archetypically tend to center around issues of spirituality and the home.

As such, the life giving imago and symbol of Hestia's quiet, warm, and centering energies can potentially provide Virgo with a deep and abiding sense of "centered wholeness." When Virgo finally "gives up the ghost" and allows Hestia to fill them with her archetypal qualities and attributes, Virgo can then be initiated into the eternal mysteries of the Greek virgin goddesses.

And what are the eternal mysteries of the virgin goddesses? Simply put... that true perfection (telios) lies within the deep inner affirmation and inner "knowing" that simply being who you are, and being centered in who you are, is "good enough."

Thus, the quiet and unimposing example of the virgin goddess Hestia can potentially serve as a vital key to Virgo's redemption by setting Virgo free from the curse of "Perfectionism." When (and if) this happens (generally occurring later in life), then Virgo can finally let go of the compulsive need to capture the elusive, unobtainable butterfly of "Perfectionism." (I told you to hang in there with me...)

One final note... regarding the concept of "virginity" as associated with Virgo (and with the other virgin goddesses of ancient Greece)? It's not that the virgin goddesses disliked men - and it's not that they were "virgins" in the manner the term "virgin" is typically used today. In ancient Greece, being a virgin (unmarried) goddess simply meant that they lived their lives for themselves...

Although Hestia's life was focused on the home (and the many practical tasks regarding running the home) - as with the other virgin goddesses of ancient Greece - her life did not revolve (or center) around the pleasing of a mate (whether god or mortal).

Sex and the City
Years ago I did a poll as to which Zodiac sign folks thought was the sexiest. Virgo placed rather badly. Truth is that Virgo tends to get an unwarranted bad rap when it comes to their sexuality...

Virginal, cold, frigid? Think again! As I said in the very beginning, whenever the Sun is placed in the astrological element of Earth - it's a world of concrete reality, sensory perception, and roots built on earthy, physical sensations. The Sun in earth feels most comfortable when surrounded with the world of the five senses... sense of touch, sound, smell, sight, and taste.

Sounds downright hot, sexy, and sensual, doesn't it? In the privacy of their own home (and behind closed doors), Virgonian energy may be anything other than what one might typically associate with being "virginal." Whew! (Wiping the cold sweat from my brow...)

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. So Let Your Light Shine!

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