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Taurus and Love

I'm going to keep this description of Taurus and Love rather short, sweet, simple, and straight to the point. Your Taurus lover would probably appreciate me for that.

That's because your "meat and potatoes" Taurus lover generally doesn't like to put up with a lot of extra frilly stuff and/or unnecessary talk. So let's just jump straight to the point and to the "meat of the matter."

Your "where's the beef" Taurus lover is solid, dependable, and sensual. Yep, I said sensual. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, (and barring other factors in the chart) your Taurus lover revels in being surrounded with simple physical pleasures, simple physical comforts, and simple physical expressions of affection.

Are you beginning to see a pattern? It's the words simple and physical. Taurus and love says: "Don't just tell me that you love me, baby! Buy me a luxurious gift! Pamper me! Hug me! Kiss me! Massage me! Squeeze me tight! Jump me in the Jacuzzi! And while you're at it, baby? Could you feed me a delicious tasty meal."

Shadow: Taurus, be careful not to treat your lover as one of your precious trinkets and baubles. Nope! Your lover isn't one of your prized possessions or trophies that you put on a shelf and occasionally dust. If you treat your lover as one of your possessions, then (no matter how stubbornly you hold on) they'll slip through your fingers and be gone.

Also, remember not to fall into the Taurus Venus Flytrap of only being concerned with greedily getting your own physical needs met. Give as much as you get. And another thing... get off your couch and put down that remote control, occasionally.

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