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Taurus Zodiac Sun Sign

"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death."
Leonardo da Vinci (Sun in Taurus)

Taurus energy - practical, solid, reliable, and rock steady - dislikes change and may be slow to get moving. Itís difficult to change the mind of Taurus... for that matter, it may be rather impossible to move and/or change Taurus! Like Leonardo says, they may even pursue their principles unto death! And the harder that other people try - the harder Taurus digs in. Why?

Fixed Earth

Taurus is a "fixed earth sign." Generally speaking, when the Sun is placed in the element of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) - life is a world of concrete reality and sensory perception, with roots solidly built on earthy, physical sensations. The Sun in the element of Earth tends to feel the most comfortable when surrounded with the world of the five senses...

With the Sun in Taurus, the leader of the Earth signs and the zodiacal (archetypal) symbol of "Mother Earth" - whatever cannot be touched, heard, smelled, seen or tasted is either denied or made as concrete and tangible as possible.

Ruled By the Astrological Planet Venus

Taurean energy, ruled by the planet of Venus, has fairly or unfairly built itself a reputation for being possessive and valuing material things. But this apparent materialistic outlook of Taurus is not primarily based on any sort of high-minded and/or ideological beliefs. Itís just that Taurean energy feels a heck of a lot safer when owning plenty of real, solid, possessions.

Taurus says: "I feel oh so much safer when I can HOLD onto something solid, real, and tangible in my hands (and in my heart). Again, Taurus, being in the element of Earth, has a consciousness sold on physical security... sold on "the here and the now."

And of all the earth signs, Taurus energy appears to have the greatest need for physical security. And the search for security can often tend to make Taurus appear more than a wee bit conservative, possessive, and practical.

Need For Inner-harmony

Taurus is also the Zodiacal sign with the greatest need for having a sense of inner self-worth and value. To accomplish this task, Taurus needs a solid sense of internal harmony that goes deep down into his/her innermost marrow and bones.

Among other things, this need for inner-harmony means that Taurus needs to sense that he/she is being practical, productive, and fruitful. Don't kid yourself. Taurus is not necessarily seeking this harmony in order to please another person, the world, or even his/her God.

In doing this, it seems to me that Taurus is ultimately seeking a sense of inner-quiet, harmony, and serenity within him or herself. Taurus seeks a solid sense of inner-quiet, harmony, and serenity that says: "all is well in the moment" (and all is well in my immediate surrounding environment).

Taurus and Sexuality

One more thing, Taurus... for various reasons Scorpio most often gets the nod for being the "sex sign." But we both know a little secret (don't we)?

According to the British astrologer Walter Sampson in his book Zodiac - the Epitome (1928)... the first four signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer) are primitive, elemental, childlike survival signs (i.e. There is only "me" and my survival at stake.). Please note that I am using the word childlike and not childish.

The earth sign of Taurus is specifically associated with survival "through awareness of the senses." Archetypically associated with the garden of paradise... Taurus reflects a childlike innocence and naivetť concerning the senses and the fulfillment of instinctual sexual needs.

It's a well documented fact that young children can have everything else they need to survive... but if not touched, held or caressed by their parents - children may quite literally physically wither away and die. It's likewise recently been discovered that even an innocent enough 30 second hug releases chemicals in our bodies that provide the hugger and the huggee with an irrational sense of well-being.

Barring other factors in the chart - of all the 12 signs, your inner-child feels the strongest instinctual urge and need for touching and caressing. And... ahem... when it comes down to experiencing pure unbridled physical pleasure and sensuality, Taurus is often in a category all its own.

More From Walter Sampson:

"Taurus is the first of the fixed signs, therefore not eventful or critical like Aries, but steady, cumulative, resisting change or crisis, exerting a continuous pull. Gravitation cannot act in leaps - it is the quiet, unobtrusive, watchful, sleepless form of energy ever on the look out for the arrival of the rampant Aries. At the first trumpet-call of destruction, Taurus stiffens her broad back, opposes her immense weight, interposes her huge bulk, says 'Throw thyself against me - I shall thoroughly absorb thee.' She brings to bear the subtle force of affinity, the arts of taste, the lure of kindliness, and like a wondrous empress of the wild, holds the attacking knight (Aries) spellbound...

... her banks are soft and cool, moss velvety, forests shady, and it is through her that the butterfly arrays himself so royally; it is she that looks at you through the eyes of a doe, she the pigeon sees when he feeds from your hand; it is in her lap that the weary wilding lays down contentedly to rest. Here is the peace, comfort and security that follow from plenty, quiet, sanity, practicality and a recognition of the kindliness and bounty of Nature."

Final Clues

As Sampson makes clear (in the above excerpt)... in the first zodiacal sign we have the action oriented sign of Aries. Archetypically, pushy Aries is usually seeking just about anything other than peace, serenity, and/or harmony...

Active, in-your-face, hot-blooded, pioneering Aries learns the lesson that if you push hard enough and talk loud enough - then the world will often come running to your door.

On the other hand, archetypal Taurus says "Okay folks... now that I've already learned all about what I can do (Aries) - let me sit back, live in harmony, and enjoy all the wonderful fruits of my labor!"

I have to admit that I'm more than a wee bit jealous of this (potentially) innate ability of Taurus to live more fully incarnated in the moment. Know it or not... it's a rare gift you possess to be fully embodied in the present moment.

Festina leste!

There was a cherished and favorite maxim during the European Renaissance that appears to fit in rather well here: "Festina leste!" Translated this is: "Make haste, slowly!"

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. So let Your Light Shine!

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