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Scorpio and Love

Do you remember the Mother Goose nursery rhyme?

"There once was a girl who had a curl in her hair... And when she was good, she was very good. And when she was bad, she was horrid." That, my friend, is your Scorpio lover in a nutshell.

Your Scorpio lover is capable of experiencing emotional depths of intense passion, yearning, and desire. As your lover, Scorpio is able to lead you into his/her innermost emotional depths. Taking in this inner-journey into the depths of Scorpio, then often enables you, as Scorpio's lover, to reach into and experience your own deepest passions, yearnings, and desires.

As Scorpio's lover, getting in touch with the dark depths of your own passions and desires may or may not be comfortable for you? If not comfortable with your own deepest passions and desires, then you may find yourself "headed for hills" just as fast as your little legs can carry you.

Those eyes... those eyes... what is it about those intense, magnetic Scorpio eyes? As Scorpio's lover, chances are you've discovered the mysterious, magnetic drawing power that your Scorpio often seems to have on people.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Don't let your Scorpio lover know that I told you this... okay? But if your Scorpio lover wants something or someone bad enough - then Scorpio can often think the desired the object into existence with the force of sheer will power. (No really, they can.)

Come to think of it, maybe your Scorpio lover willed you into existence? Scorpio can choose to use this ability for good, unselfish purposes, or Scorpio can choose to use this gift for their own, less than noble purposes. The bad news for your Scorpio lover is that Scorpio has likewise discovered (or should soon discover) that many of the things or people that he/she is able to "will into existence" usually ends up biting Scorpio on the butt.

Love's Spell: The most difficult lifelong lessons and/or problems that your Scorpio lover must eventually come to terms with are the "need for control" and "mental detachment." Barring other factors in the chart, Scorpio typically experiences great difficulty in being able to detach (unless they happen to be one doing the detaching). Scorpio has the strong natural tendency to emotionally hold on to a "ghost lover" in their dreams, fantasies, and obsessions - long, long, long, long after the real "flesh and blood lover" has ripped their heart to shreds and summarily left their universe. Hopefully, the following "prescription" will be of some help for Scorpio in the area of "mental detachment"...

During the European Renaissance (1400-1700s AD), it was commonly accepted that the eyes were the entry way into the human soul. According to historian Anthony Grafton, if a man were to be overcome with melancholy due to an undying passion, love, and devotion for a woman - it was thought that the man had come under the influence of a spell and enchantment. It was believed that the woman had initially gained access to the man's soul through his eyes - this was often at the very moment when her eyes first met his eyes. Common symptoms of this malefic malady were loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and loss of drink. Many possible courses of treatment were first prescribed - such as flogging the man or having him spend a weekend in an out-of-town "house of ill repute".

However, if none of these lesser measures worked - then a counter enchantment was performed on the man. Typically, the man sat in a chair, while an ugly "hag" (their terminology, not mine) from the village stood before the man, screaming profanities and saying vile things about the woman he was ''smitten" with. This was continued until the man was released from the enchantment. If, after all this, the man was still not cured of the enchantment - as a last resort, the ugly hag would pull out a rag drenched in her menstrual blood, place it inches away from the man's face, and scream: "This is your woman! She is like this! She is like this!" This was normally thought to do the trick.

Shadow: Scorpio's intense jealousy and often unfounded suspicions about their lover. Scorpio, we both know that this persistent, aching paranoia of yours can totally screw up an otherwise excellent relationship. Another shadow characteristic to watch out for with Scorpio is subtle manipulation. As also mentioned Scorpio has a need for control. Scorpio has discovered that sometimes the ability to will things into existence using sheer "will power" just isn't quite fast enough to suit them - and so Scorpio may feel the need to manipulate circumstances and/or people in order to get what they want. Not good. Not good at all.


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