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How did Scorpio get its name?

Scorpio - Latin for "the Scorpion" (Skorpios in Greek). This fearsome Scorpion figured in an argument between the wild, untamed, virgin Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis and the legendary gigantic Greek hunter, Orion.

There are at least three different versions as to the reason for this argument between Artemis and Orion. However, in each version of the story, Artemis used her Scorpion to sting and kill the hunter Orion.

In the earliest versions of the myth, Artemis was apparently quite in love with Orion. However, because Orion was in love with the goddess Eos (goddess of the Dawn) - Artemis arranged for Orion to be killed by the Scorpion out of her sense of spite, rage, and jealousy.

In another version, Artemis used the Scorpion to kill Orion in revenge for having raped her.

In still another version, Orion had boasted to the gods that he was such a great hunter that he could single-handedly kill every last animal on earth. Artemis, goddess of the hunt, used her deadly Scorpion to prove Orion wrong.

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