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Scorpio Zodiac Sun Sign

Most typical descriptions of the Sun in Scorpio are that you are a passionate and intense individual. You may gain attention through creating dramatic situations. You may also be secretive. A few of the characteristics you should consciously seek to develop in your life are: Intensity, magnetism, your penetrating perception, and your power to confront (honestly with mercy) Blah... blah... blah! You've heard all of this before, haven't you? So let's get down to it!

Truth is Scorpio Sun? We both know you have the most powerful of the twelve Sun Signs, bar none. So I have a short story taken from Greek mythology to share with you regarding your Sun located in Scorpio. This story is about the Medusa and the Greek winged horse named Pegasus... but in order to reach Pegasus, you've first got to make it past the dreaded and deadly Medusa.

One of the Gorgon Sisters

C'mon! You remember the Greek Medusa, don't you?... the Gorgon sisters were the three ladies that had the power to turn men into stone just by looking at them.

Once upon a time, the three Gorgons were beautiful, desirable women. The most beautiful of the sisters, Medusa, happened to catch the attention of the lusty god Poseidon (the god of the oceans and waterways). Smitten with desire for Medusa, Poseidon set out about seducing her... and to make a long story short, Poseidon and Medusa got together for one grand and glorious night of wild, passionate lovemaking in the temple of Athena.

Unfortunately, the temple of Athena was an extremely bad choice of places to get together and do the wild thing... Athena (being a rather chaste, virgin goddess) was terribly offended by this sort of rude and crude behavior going on in her sacred temple... and so, Athena's punishment was to curse Medusa and her two sisters with sheer, unadulterated ugliness and with writhing, venomous snakes growing out of their heads! In spite of their monstrous condition, the sisters were terrifyingly beautiful and seductive to behold. No man encountering the infamous Gorgons (knowing it was instant death) could avert his gaze from the terrifyingly beautiful Gorgon sisters... we're talking magnetic obsession here!


We learn the most about the Gorgons in the adventures of the famous Greek hero, Perseus. You may remember this story from the movie "The Clash of the Titans" with one version appropriately starring Sun Sign Scorpio, Harry Hamlin and the more recent version starring Sam Worthington. Both movie versions unfortunately play "foot loose and fancy free" with the more original Greek myth variants.

In the Greek myth, for various reasons, the hero Perseus has foolishly (yet heroically) sworn to a king that he (Perseus) will bring back to the king the head of the dreaded Medusa on a platter. (Of the three Gorgon sisters, apparently only the Medusa was mortal and could be killed... go figure... )

Perseus, aided by gifts of the goddess Athena (remember her?) and the trickster messenger god, Hermes (a golden shield and a swift sword) somehow manages to locate the cave of the Gorgons. Luckily for Perseus, the Gorgons were sleeping soundly. But Perseus (as with all mortal men) despite his preemptive warnings nevertheless can't avert his eyes from the seductive beauty of the Medusa (still fast asleep).

Only after much effort is our hero Perseus finally able to look away from the Medusa... the Medusa then wakes up; and a battle ensues between Perseus and the Medusa. Using the golden shield of Athena, Perseus is able to see the Medusa's reflection. And with Hermes' swift sword, Perseus cuts off the Medusa's head. (Settle down... I'm about to get to the Pegasus part!)

Medusa and Scorpio

Face it... it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to see a connection between the Medusa and Scorpionic energies... wherever you find Scorpionic/Plutonian energies in the birth chart, you'll likely find the Medusa lurking in the shadows nearby... Intensity and betrayal are often a couple of the Medusa's favorite themes.

Tell the truth, Scorpio... turned anyone into stone with your dark, powerful Scorpionic gaze lately? That "stone cold glare" which informs the recipients that they might as well not exist on this (or any other) planet... Okay, okay. I know they probably did something deserving of "the dreaded look." But all those writhing, venomous snakes growing out of your head? Do something about that. Okay? Check in with a hair stylist!

Everyone has a Medusa to deal with! She's the inner-Medusa that each of us (regardless of our Zodiac Sun Sign) eventually has to face, battle, and ultimately reconcile with... but Scorpio tends to be on a first name basis with the lady. The good news is, however, that you (Scorpio Sun) have become rather adept in recognizing the Medusa when she's rearing her ugly head through you and through the people around you. So being on a personal "first name basis" with the lady comes in rather handy by keeping you alert to all the many Medusas who inevitably cross your path.


But what about Pegasus? So where does Pegasus fit into all this? After Medusa's night of passion in the temple of Athena, she was "with child" by Poseidon. At the time of her death, the Medusa carried within her womb the hero Chrysaor and the winged steed Pegasus. So when the Medusa's head was severed at the neck, Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang out. Perseus, then, escaped the remaining Gorgon sisters by riding away on the back of Pegasus.

Think about it... The energies giving life to the Medusa were, in the end result, the very same energies that gave birth to the winged horse, Pegasus. Symbolically speaking, through the cutting off of her head, the Medusa was released from her curse and torment.

Thus, learning lessons of mental detachment are often rather crucial in the continued growth and lives journeys of those strong in Scorpionic/Plutonic energies. So "losing your head" can, in fact, be a good thing.

In many ways, the Medusa symbolizes the curse of Scorpio and Pluto- however Pegasus is also the final blessing, redemption, and rebirth of Scorpio and Pluto set free! So Scorpio, the next time some gorgeous gal or guy walks up to you and asks, "What your sign?" Go ahead and tell them you were born under the sign of Pegasus.

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. Let Your Light Shine!

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