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Sagittarius and Love

The primary motivation ruling force for the Zodiacal Sign of Sagittarius is the "need to understand." To further clarify this it's the need to understand the big picture. For Sagittarius, life is a grand, marvelous adventure to be experienced and lived to it's fullest. With Sagittarius, options and possibilities are endless - and Sagittarius is always headed for the distant broad horizon. In the throes of heartfelt love, Sagittarius will want his or her partner to share in this great adventure called life. One of the biggest mistakes a love partner can make is the attempt to cage Sagittarius in, either physically or emotionally.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, one need only look to mythology to understand that attempts to cage the free spirit of Sagittarius are fruitless and end up being a big, big, big mistake. Zeus, the Greek equivalent of the Roman god, Jupiter, was the all-powerful, chief Olympian god. Zeus was married to the goddess Hera (Juno to the Romans). Mythology is full of the many, many, many, many sexual escapades of Zeus "planting his seed" with mortal women. His jealous wife Hera, was always just one step behind him. Hera excelled in nagging Zeus and bringing torments down upon the mortal women Zeus had been with.

Sagittarius will more often than not end up unconsciously choosing to marry a practical Hera type (male or female) in order to help Sagittarius keep "one foot on the ground." Unfortunately, Zeus marrying Hera is a double-edged sword and a "Catch 22." It serves to set up Sagittarius and his or her lover into compulsively playing out the archetypal myth of Zeus and Hera in their day to day lives.

This living out of the Zeus and Hera myth might be done in a lliteral and/or a figurative fashion. Fortunately for their lover, most Sagittarians don't necessarily feel the need to live out the myth of Zeus and Hera and/or "plant his or her seed" in a literal way.

For all of you Heras out there (male and female) - it's important to remember that Sagittarius always needs something to believe in and a distant goal to reach for (realistic or not). Unconsciously playing the archetypal role of jealous Hera, and dashing the hopes and dreams (his or her seeds) of Sagittarius, is not a wise thing for a lover to do. The more Hera plays his or her part by criticizing and restraining (and keeping one of Zeus' feet on the ground), the more discontented your Sagittarius lover will become and the more your Sagittarius lover will need freedom. That, in turn, will cause you (playing the part of Hera) to pull, criticize, and restrain even harder. Can you see the endless cycle you're caught up in?

Shadow: Being open to all possibilities means Sagittarius will often keep a back door escape route open, just in case of emergency. Commitment and obligations aren't normally a strong suit. Sagittarius should take care not to live out the myth of Zeus in a literal way. Nope, not good.

Freely spreading your seed (or anything else) won't bring you (or your lover) happiness and/or contentment in this life. The grass only seems greener on the other side. While Zeus enjoyed his adventures (and planting his seeds), he always wanted to come back to the safety of home and hearth. Make sure you haven't burned all the bridges leading home by the spreading of your seed.

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