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Pisces and Love

I like to call Pisces the Zodiacal Sign of "Smoke and Mirrors."

Perhaps it would help out a wee bit if I were to explain why I call Pisces the Sign of "Smoke and Mirrors?"

Of all the Pisces ladies I’ve dated in the past (and there were more than a few in days gone by), I can only think of a few special select characteristics that each one of them appeared to have in common with the others. Of course... we all know that - when it comes to Pisces - appearances can definitely be deceptive.


1.      Each Pisces lass had extraordinarily beautiful huge, round, eyes that - the best way I can think of to describe it - were like luxurious, radiant, shimmering, mystical pools of water (that it was very easy to get lost in).

2.      After getting to know each of them a wee bit better, none of them appeared to be all that connected to and/or concerned with what we like to call regular time and space reality. Each one of them, in their own unique and different way, seemed to be a “stranger in a foreign land.” They were always being surprised and/or shocked when regular time and space reality insisted on rearing its ugly head.

3.      And finally, all of them were “shape shifters.” No really, they were emotionally and physically “shape shifters.” Each and every time I would see one of them, she looked different than she did the time before. Usually, the change in appearance was quite subtle - but other times I truly wasn’t sure it was the same person I was looking at the day before.

Take it from me... failing to recognize someone that you’re dating is generally less than helpful. Let's say you happen to be walking down the street, and you pass by your favorite Pisces without saying hello? For some odd reason… relying on the concept of "shape shifting," to explain why you blatantly ignored them, doesn’t quite cut it.

It's probably important to know that this Number 3 characteristic of “shape shifting” likewise happens to be Pisces best defense for their Number 2 characteristic of not being very well connected to our regular time and space world.

It's a sad fact of life that we live in a macho, dog eat dog world. Society doesn’t normally give out positive strokes to all those dreamy folks that exemplify and exhibit the gentle, caring, and sensitive energy of Pisces.

This serious lack of cultural positive reinforcement holds especially true for male Pisces. The result of this is that with many slightly older, more experienced male Pisces (and some female Pisces), most of the world will never get a glimpse of the serene, sensitive, go with the flow, oceanic creature that lies just beneath the surface of whatever other Zodiacal sign the shape shifter Pisces is choosing to hide behind.

Just like I said, the Zodiacal sign of "Smoke and Mirrors."

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