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Libra and Love

Ruled by the planet Venus, the sign of Libra is known far and wide as the Zodiacal Lover. Libra typically enjoys and feels good when being in an active love relationship with a partner. If you enjoy being romanced by a sweet, thoughtful, and pleasing partner - then youíll think youíve just about died and gone to heaven.

Libra is also known for being the Zodiacal diplomat, deal maker, and politician. Libra thrives on gathering all the information thatís currently available, weighing all the options, and then making a fair and just decision. Thus, Libra loves to bounce ideas off of the people around them. If youíre Libraís lover Ė then this means you.

For some odd reason, Libra is better able to see what Libra thinks when reflecting ideas off of you (and as many other people as possible). Just donít make the tragic and fatal mistake of thinking Libra wants you to tell them what decision they should make and/or what to do. They donít. Donít think it was for naught that Libra was also traditionally associated with being the Zodiacal Sign of military generals.

Since Libra does thrive on gathering all the information thatís currently available Ė the problem often becomes that one more piece of new information can always be found. Holding out for information can indefinitely delay Libraís ability to make that final fair and just decision. Itís in your best interest to know that you should not make the mistake of forcing Libra to rush into making their judgment. Trust meÖ continually pushing, chiding, and rushing your Libra lover into making a decision isnít going to earn you any brownie points.

Shadow: Being the Zodiacal Lover, known for making decisions and choices, often times has one major drawback for their lovers. Folks with a strong emphasis in the judgment sign of Libra often get caught up in the archetypal pattern and/or behavior of the "Lover's Triangle." This means they often get caught up in real life scenarios where they must choose between "two loves." Sometimes, the choice between to "two loves" simply means that Libra must choose between two "things." (i.e. This job or that job). However, sometimes the "two loves" consist of making a choice between one "thing" and one "person." (i.e. This job or that person.) Even worse, sometimes it's a choice between two "people." (i.e. This person and that person.)

Add to all of this that sweet loving Libra is also one of the Zodiacal signs located in the element of Air. This means Libra is (oddly enough) associated with objectivity and logical, rational, clear-headed thinking. As such, Libra can remain emotionally detached from any of the personal ramifications of the choices they make.

Thus, many of the choices that Libra makes will be bone-chillingly cold and objective. If Libra weighs up all the evidence, and decides that you donít quite make the cut? While it may be hard for you to believe, right now - that romantic, sweet, thoughtful, and pleasing partner can make the miraculous transformation into a hard, cold, block of ice faster than you can say "Rumplestillskin."

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