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Libra Zodiac Sun Sign

The Sun in the element of air... stimulated mentally, detached perspective.... Motivated and recharged by intellectual concepts, social interchanges and the communication of ideas and/or ideals. The element of air (barring other factors) tends to produce a fairly active mind.

With the Sun in Libra, the world is approached with reason, balance, and a sense of fairness. Everything (everyone) is open to analysis. Even-handed, harmonious, artistic, diplomatic, balancing, and strong sense of aesthetic beauty are characteristics typically associated with Libra.

Ruled By The Astrological Planet Venus

Ruled by the planet Venus and symbolized by the Scales of Justice, Libra is concerned with making choices, evaluations, weighing all the evidence, and maintaining balance. Libra can see all the many sides of an argument or issue. And in the interest of fair play, Libra really doesn’t like making a final decision until every last bit of the data and documentation has at last been sent in and accounted for. Unfortunately, Libra knows that there’s always one more bit of information which could be gathered, if only enough time is given...

Barring other factors in your chart, Libra is quite social and is sensitive to whatever’s going on around them. Libra has a sense of inner-harmony that is closely related to (and affected by) whatever’s going on around them. Disharmony, arguments, and disputes going on in Libra's immediate environment disturbs their sense of inner-harmony and equilibrium. So for Libra’s own sense of harmony, they often end up acting as peacemakers in their environment.

Social interaction with other people is vital to Libran energy. Other people act as reflective mirrors through which Libran energy can learn more about their own ideas and thoughts. Libra generally discovers clarification regarding what they think about a particular matter or situation only after their first hearing what other people think and have to say on the matter.

The First Miss Universe Pageant

Here's a story just for you, Libra... It's the story of a young Trojan Prince by the name of Paris. And the story is called "The Judgment of Paris." "The Judgment of Paris" is about making choices and accepting the consequences of choices made...

In our story, Paris had to choose between three different Olympian goddesses. These three goddesses were having a dispute as to which one of them was the most beautiful. They brought the dispute before Zeus (the chief Olympian god), but in his vast wisdom Zeus chose to bow out. Zeus wisely determined that the mortal man Paris - being a young, macho, virile stud - should judge which of the three goddesses was the most beautiful.

The three goddesses were accompanied by the messenger god, Hermes, who explained the entire situation to the mortal Paris. Paris first tried his hand at squirming his way out of this fix by saying that all the goddesses were equally beautiful and it was surely impossible to make a such a decision.

Unfortunately for Paris, splitting the prize was not a viable option that the three goddesses were willing to accept. However, each of goddesses swore not to hold a grudge if another was selected as the most beautiful (being young and naive, Paris actually believed them).

The first goddess to offer Paris gifts was Hera... (Hera was the wife of Zeus - and now you know why Zeus had wisely decided to bow out...) Hera offered Paris power, wealth and prestige. Next up was the warrior goddess Athena... She offered Paris wisdom and bravery in battle. Finally, it was the seductive Aphrodite's turn... and Aphrodite offered Paris the gift of love, beauty, desire, and passion...

Three Guesses?

Okay, I'll give you three guesses which one of the three goddesses Paris chose that day as being the most beautiful (and the first two guesses don't count)... Mighty Aphrodite (and her gift of love, beauty, desire and passion) was of course the clear choice for our young hero, Paris.

The Consequences...

Hera and Athena turned away with heavy frowns visibly showing on their faces - and both goddesses were, from that moment on, enemies to all of the Trojan race (seems they'd already forgotten their promise not to hold a grudge).

Making an already very long story short - Paris (already married) later met Helen of Troy ("the face that launched a thousand ships"), and they fell madly in love with one another. Therefore, Aphrodite made good her promise to Paris with the beautiful (but also already married) Helen. Unfortunately, the choice Paris made (and the resulting passionate love match) then led directly to the bloody, tragic Trojan Wars. The Trojan Wars lasted fourteen years, thousands died, and the entire Trojan civilization was destroyed.

Choices... With the Sun in Libra, you know only too well how important it is to weigh all the options - because you know deep down that every choice made has a consequence.

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. Let Your Light Shine!

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