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Leo and Love

Like Neil Young, are you still searching for that “heart of gold?” Do you enjoy big romance, big drama, big talk, and big fun? Then look no farther than regal, larger than life, Leo. Leo is the royal cat’s meow and the roaring King of the Jungle! Life is one big marvelous Shakespearean play for your romantic, warm hearted, and generous Leo lover - and all the world is Leo’s stage. Your Leo lover usually prides him or herself in being a magnificent and romantic lover - complete with sweeping gestures of emotional splendor. And here’s a big plus, barring other factors in the chart, your Leo lover is usually very good with children.

“To thine own self be true!” Self-authentication is the driving force behind your Leo lover. Self-authentication is just a fancy way of saying, “being able to live with yourself, and taking full responsibility over your own actions.” To understand this need for self-authentication, and it’s archetypal pattern, one need only look to the mythic “Search For The Holy Grail.” Often times, early in life, a young Leo is handed the Grail on a silver platter. Unfortunately, the young Leo loses the Grail due to the foolishness and imprudence of youth. Then, the rest of Leo’s life becomes the grand adventure of the valiant hero who must fight and slay quite a few dragons in order to rightfully reclaim the lost treasure of the Grail. (A good example is Grand old Leo Sun, David Crosby - who through years of youthful foolishness, pride, drug addiction, and other great adversity - has now finally healed his wound, reclaimed his Grail, and become a shining, marvelous King!)

Even if you happen to hook up with one of those more shy, quiet, and introverted Leo lovers - you will invariably be able to see the natural born autocrat shining out from within, while magnanimously ruling his or her own inner kingdom. Taking a very long stroll down memory lane, I remember attending a social gathering one evening, where I happened to lay eyes on one of these shy, quiet, and introverted Leo kittens.

I first saw her as she sat quietly on her throne, holding court while surrounded by her gentlemen pursuers. Without speaking a single word - from way across the other side of a crowded room - this shy and unassuming Leo kitten literally shined and glowed with regal majesty. Sitting there, she naturally displayed what I can only describe as an unmistakable aura of warmed hearted, generosity of spirit and regal glory. Without knowing why, each (and every one) of the males at the party was mesmerized by her quiet, yet regal and larger than life demeanor. Each of us was scrambling and jockeying for the opportunity to momentarily bath our spirit in her warm and royal presence. I now know that her ability to shine so very brightly was due to a mysterious, inexplicable inner source of power (called Leo). So how do I know she was a Leo kitten? That's a silly question! She left the party with me, of course.

Shadow: Shadow? Shadow? What shadow? Ruled by the vital, life-giving Sun, everything about royal Leo is an absolutely wonderful and marvelous adventure. Well, maybe there are a couple of things I could mention…

Ever been to the southern California Mojave Desert during the hot summer month of August. Ever been to Big Bend, Texas in August? I have, and I know for a fact that even the wonderful, vital, life-giving energies of the Sun can scorch, singe, and dry up good old Mother Earth. Just keep a few things in mind… that Leo enjoys having someone they can dress up real nice, take to town, and show off... that Leo enjoys a partner who will continually pump up and praise Leo’s larger than life ego... that Leo has a thing about being with being flirtatious when it comes to attractive members of the opposite sex, but his (or her) royal highness Leo won't tolerate the same behavior when coming from his or her partner. Apparently, Leo hasn't heard the old saying: "Turn about is fair play." Finally, know that it’s every young male Leo’s fantasy to be surrounded by his large pride of loyal lionesses. Some Leo males choose to live out this fantasy in a literal way. Many wisely choose not to.

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