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Leo Zodiac Sun Sign

Leoian energy - motivated by inspiration and aspiration! Spontaneity! Ready for encounter! Fire on the mountain! Fire energy can be warm, vital, vivacious, cheerful and loyal to whatever happens to hold its interest. Fire energy craves freedom and opportunity and yep, a steady stream of opportunity for new experiences.

The Fire energy of royal Leo can be assertive, competitive, ambitious and full of confidence for the future. Fire energy generally learns best when actively engaging in and grabbing hold of life. Fire loves adventure and hates routine!

Fake It Till You Make It

I suppose you’ve heard the phrase, "Fake it, till you make it!" Well, Leoian energy builds self-confidence, by putting on demonstrations and shows of bravado. By acting self-confident, Leoian energy becomes self-confident in truth as well as deed. "It's all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back." Mick Jagger, Sun in Leo British singer

More Self-reflective Than Imagined

As fixed fire, Leoian energy is much more self-reflective and inner-directed than the average person might ever suspect. Although, since you’re reading this description, it means your Sun is placed in Leo and that morsel of insightful information shouldn’t be much of a revelation. Over the years you’ve learned that, first and foremost, you have to be able to live with and please yourself. You have the strong, burning inner-desire for self-authenticity. So, "to thine own self be true" could be another really good Leoian motto.

Samson and Deliah

Let's do something extra special for the Zodiac Sign of Leo ruled by the Sun. Rather than doing the normal thing, looking to Greek mythology, I thought I'd suggest your reading a special story that Rabbi (and astrologer) Joel Dobbins calls the story of the first "star-crossed" lovers in the Judaic/Christian scriptures.

I don't mind telling you that this was one of my very favorite bible stories while growing up. The story I want you to read is a story of big action, big violence, big lust, big betrayal, big game playing, big bets, big egos, big revenge, and (last, but not least) big hair. And no, believe it or not, it's not the story of my life…

According to Rabbi Dobbins, it's an "opposites attract" love story between a Leo man (ruled by the Sun) and an Aquarius woman (ruled by Saturn and Uranus). Believe it or not, you're likely already more than a wee bit familiar with this story contained in the Book of Judges. It's the story of Samson and Delilah. You know... Samson is the guy who couldn't cut his hair, killed a lion, was betrayed by his woman Delilah, ended up blind, and (in the end) managed to single handedly bring down a pagan temple.

So why, you might ask, does Rabbi Dobbins call Samson and Delilah "star-crossed" lovers?

Belonging To The Sun

One of things that Rabbi Dobbins knows (that you likely don't know) is that the name Samson means, "belonging to the Sun." Even more interesting (and more "telling") is that Delilah's name means, "she of Aquarius." Aquarius is the Zodiac Sign opposite the Zodiac Sign of Leo ruled by the Sun.

According to Rabbi Dobbins, the story of Samson is divided into two parts, the prologue and the main tale concerning Delilah. The period of time that passes between the prologue and the story of Delilah is 20 years.

The prologue, which is the longer part of the story, establishes the character of Samson. The character revealed in the prologue is that which is, oh so, typical of a young studdly Leo male in his prime.

The Delilah part of the story tells us of an older Leo past his prime. (And do any of you old hippie types out there remember Sun Sign Leo David Crosby's "Leo anthem" of the late 1960s "I Almost Cut My Hair.") If you can't remember the details of the full story, then maybe it's time to dig out that Bible you've got tucked away somewhere.

Ruled By The Sun

Ruled the Sun, creative Leoian energy is colored by an overall strong sense of drama and "bigness." Leo sees the "big picture" of possibilities for the future and for success. Playful, creative, warm-hearted, risk taking are all characteristics common to Leonians who are living out the fullest potential of their birth sun placement.

With the Sun in Leo, this fiery, bold, and energetic attitude may have been the way you perceived the image of your father (or another significant male figure) when you were young and still in the early stages of childhood. Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. So Let Your Light Shine!

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