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Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Hello Scorpio and Scorpio! To say the least, this is an interesting combination, because the two of you share the same sign! As with all of the Zodiac Sign, this sort of match up can bode for a much better than usual or much worse than usual blend. Involving the sign of Scorpio, this rule of thumb is intensified.

The good news is as Sun Signs go… you and your lover share in the same basic core Element.

This traditionally beneficial placement means that the two of you share in many of the same styles of thinking, communicating, relating, and feeling. Sharing the same Element will help out a lot in the two of you truly having a mutual empathy and mutual understanding of the other person's needs.

Of course, as mentioned above, having the same element and sign doesn't guarantee smooth sailing all the time - because it also means that the two of you understand each other well enough to quite effectively "push each other's buttons." Scorpio and Scorpio, resist the temptation whenever possible - otherwise the two of you can end up literally stinging this relationship to death.

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