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Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Hello Capricorn and Leo! As Sun Signs go… you and your lover share what's sometimes called a Quincunx Aspect.

This somewhat challenging aspect means that the two you will likely have times when both of you can "read each other like a book" and understand one another perfectly - but then there will be equally many other times when the two of you will likely find yourselves at a complete impasse.

The bond of love shared between two lovers is, of course, a given. That natural bond will go a long way toward smoothing out the rough spots. However, swinging back and forth between "perfect understanding" and "not having a clue" can end up having the effect of keeping your relationship slightly uneasy and on edge.

So... as your relationship grows and matures, the two of you may have to be prepared to put some extra effort into working toward truly understanding one another and developing mutual appreciation of the other person's differences.

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