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Dr Z's Recommended Sun Sign Compatibility Books

1) Astrology For Lovers - Liz Greene
For readers interested in going no further than learning a little about their (and their lover's) Sun Sign characteristics, this book is tops. Yet, for those folks interested in learning more about how astrology works, Astrology for Lovers is an even more fascinating and beneficial read. It's a great way for beginners to start the process of "getting a handle" on the twelve energy patterns of the Zodiac. (Buy it now at Amazon.com)

2) Signmates -Bernie Ashman
Bernie dispels the misnomer that only relationships between certain Sun Signs combinations can be successful. Says Bernie, "This book will help a lot of romances better navigate through turbulent times together. A key message in SignMates is that any sign combination can reach a high level of fulfillment. The book suggests ways to more accurately perceive each other's needs and how to communicate them."
(Buy it now at Amazon.com)

3) Love Signs - Linda Goodman
If you're interested in love, romance, and Sun Sign compatibility - then you've surely already bought this excellent book. Love Signs by Linda Goodman is the mother of all Sun Sign compatibility books.

(Buy it now at Amazon.com)

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