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Sun Sign Astrological Love and Compatibility

Yep! Go figure... it appears that quite a few folks out there are (for some strange reason) interested in the subject of astrological love and compatibility... and chances are that you clicked on a link expecting to find one of those typical lists of "compatible Zodiac Sun Signs."

Hang in there with me as we'll eventually get there... however, being a wee bit mischievous, I just can't bring myself to let you off the hook that easily...

And surely you don't mind briefly putting on your "thinking cap" and doing a little work with that "gray matter" of yours?

Dr Z's Simple Rule of Thumb for Sun Signs:

It's actually pretty simple... really... in traditional Sun Sign compatibility you're primarily going to be looking for someone with a Zodiac Sun Sign located in the same or a complementary "astrological element."

Hmmm... I guess my simple Rule of Thumb would be a wee bit more helpful if only you knew what in the heck an "astrological element" was? Okay... okay... I'll let you off the hook:

A Wee Bit Controversial
Yep! My Rule of Thumb is actually a wee bit controversial, in that it includes certain Sun Sign matches that are "in opposition" to each other. But luckily, I enjoy being controversial.

Here's The Skinny: Paths of Least and Most Resistance
Traditional astrology Sun Sign match ups are primarily based on the simplistic premise that everyone wants, prefers, and is attracted to "smooth and easy." Following this premise, astrology Sun Sign comparisons can assist in mapping out generalized "paths of least resistance" and "paths of most resistance" when relating with other people.

As such... simple astrology Sun Sign match ups can often assist us in sorting out those people that we theoretically tend to get along with in long term relationships… and, on the other hand, astrology Sun Sign comparisons can assist us in sorting out those people that (over the long haul) we will generally tend to experience the most potential "challenges" and/or "friction" with.

The Fly in the Ointment
One (among many) major fly in the ointment is that practical experience, in our modern times of the 21st century, tends to demonstrate that this older premise (of preferring "easy" rather than "challenging") may be somewhat outmoded and is therefore no longer necessarily reliable.

Some (perhaps many) people appear to prefer, need, and/or seek out more "friction" in their long term relationships. Yep! It appears that some of us actually prefer, need, and/or look for and choose those "paths of most resistance."

Disclaimer: Any two people who love each other and are willing to work a little (or sometimes a lot) can make a relationship work. Of course, ya didn't need an astrologer to tell you that...

Astrology can, however, help out by clarifying what some of the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship are.

Even More Flies in the Sun Sign Ointment
You should also know that a person's "Ascendant sign" and/or "Moon sign" placements are likely as important as their "Sun sign" placement when it comes to romantic attraction and compatibility.

Whoops! You say that you didn't even know you have something called an "Ascendant sign?" You didn't know you have a "Moon sign?" Yep! Sorry about that, but there are many, many, many factors involved in real bona fide astrological compatibility other than the "Sun sign."

So What About Real Bona Fide Astrological Compatibility?
The first thing to know about real Bona Fide astrological compatibility is that every astrologer on the planet is going to have their own little "pet theories" in regard to the subject of astrological compatibility. And more often than not - some of these little "pet theories" can potentially end up being in direct opposition with the "pet theories" of other astrologers. So, some of the thoughts you see on my site may be different than what you'll see on another site or at a visit to your local astrologer.

The art of astrological chart comparison is complex, fascinating and maddeningly elusive... this stuff is not an exact science! OOPS! (Just made some fellow astrologers mad with that comment.) And even if it were a science, I learn a little more almost everyday regarding what really works and what doesn't.

How Serious Are You?
How serious are you about needing to know about real bona fide astrological compatibility with your partner?

If on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest) you're a 7 or higher; then I strongly suggest you put out a few "bucks" and consult with a local astrologer in your hometown.

Luckily for consumers (you), virtually every astrologer on the planet has poured hours and hours into gaining an understanding into the subject of compatibility. Besides astrologers having a.... er.... personal interest and investment in the subject - we know that eleven times out of ten, our clients will have a question or two (or ten) about compatibility with another person.

Get Thee To An Astrologer
Now, if at all possible, the astrologer is going to need your

Not All That Interested
Not all that interested? Then go out and buy the book that astrologer Linda Goodman wrote many years ago on Sun Sign compatibility. Hmmm... I can't remember its name to save my life... but it's big, thick, and practically everybody's already got a copy of it!

Granted... Linda's classic book is basically just Sun Sign based astrology compatibility (with a heck of a lot of imagination added in) - but it's nevertheless a fine place to start (please, don't tell any other astrologers that I suggested this, since I do have a reputation to uphold).

BTW - I was just kidding... the name of that Linda Goodman book is Love Signs.

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