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Capricorn Zodiac Sun Sign

Capricorn, does it ever seem like you're constantly getting a "bum rap" in the Sun Sign descriptions?

I once did a Sun Sign poll asking for the Zodiac sign considered to be the most "sexy" in the Zodiac. No big surprise, Scorpio came in first. And no huge surprise, Capricorn came in dead last.

Obviously your Zodiac sign has a public relations problem of some sort? Are you tired of being a "scapegoat" yet? I only bring all this up, because we both know a little secret, don't we?

The Element of Earth

Your Capricorn Sun is located in the element of Earth - and Earth is a world of concrete reality, sensory perception, and roots built on physical sensations. The Sun in Earth feels most comfortable when surrounded with the world of the five senses. Whatever cannot be touched, heard, smelled, seen, or tasted is either denied or made as concrete and tangible as possible... and the rock bottom truth is that Capricorns can be very sensual, sexy, and "tuned in" to their bodies! Once upon a time, I was lucky enough to be madly in love with a lovely Capricorn lass (and she with me). So I speak with experience (and fond memories) when I say that Capricorn can be very sensual.

The Sun in Earth is also a consciousness sold on physical security... sold on the here and the now... So, of course, your search for physical security can end up giving one the reputation of being a wee bit conservative and practical, can't it?

Capricorn Mottos

One of Capricorn's mottos could be "Life is hard and full of setbacks, so you'd better prepare yourself for the worst of it." Or another motto attached to Capricorn might be "Whoever said life is fair?" And let's not forget: "It's time to get organized, damn it!"

Capricorn is best known for self-control, caution, and dependability. The sure-footed mountain goat energy of Capricorn makes its world more secure by building structures and form. The Capricorn goat works its way slowly, but surely to the top of the mountain. That may not sound too sexy or exciting to some folks, but I like the way you slowly, carefully work your way up the mountain.

Ruled By the Astrological Planet Saturn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. In mythology, Saturn (known to the Greeks as Kronus) was the nasty, ruthless father of the 12 Olympian gods. Kronus heartlessly swallowed all his children whole because he'd heard a rumor that one of them would someday overthrow him (That would be Zeus...). As a Capricorn, it would be helpful for you to keep in mind the story of Kronus and remember not to swallow all your best creations out of fear.

In astrology, Saturn's lighter face is the archetypal energy of the "Wise Old Man" (and/or "Wise Old Woman") The "Wise Old Man" earned his wisdom and insight the hard way. The "Wise Old Man" gains wisdom through all the varied experiences and trials encountered through the living of a long life. As the "Wise Old Man" (and/or "Wise Old Woman") of the Zodiac, Capricorn helps you define yourself through what's called the process of limitation. (or maybe better said - the process of elimination). It's a hard, cold fact of life that we often best define "who we are" by first determining "who we are not...."

What really makes Capricorn energy happy is being able to shape (i.e. organize) the world around them for their own sense of comfort and safety. Capricorn is usually willing to work long and hard to reach its goals. Capricorn energy is persistent and willing to wait for just the right opportunity.

A Practical Suggestion

One more practical suggestion, if you don't mind? Not everyone, at all times, relishes and/or appreciates your "Wise Old Man" suggestions on how to get organized (even when we know you're right). When we share our problems, feelings, or emotions with you? It's normally not a signal to rev up your quite excellent problem solving skills.

Most of the time, we were just wanting you to listen and sympathize a little. Here's something rather funny I recently read online that seems to apply: "Don't try teaching a pig how to dance. You'll only frustrate yourself and annoy the pig." I know it's frustrating, but keep in mind that sometimes we pigs enjoy wallowing around in all our mud.

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. Let Your Light Shine!

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