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Cancer and Love

Born in the Zodiacal sign of the “Great Mother” and ruled by the Moon, your Cancer lover (whether male or female) is going to be mothering something or someone. It might be you (if you're lucky), it might be your children, it might be an adorable little dog, it might be a social cause they believe in, it might be the neighbor’s kids down the street, or it might be “all of the above.” But trust me… your Cancer lover is going to be nurturing and protecting something (or somebody).

Hidden Sensitivity: Cancer may attempt to hide it from you, but Cancer is the number 1 most sensitive and feeling member of the Zodiacal family. That's the reason for the notorious Crab shell. Cancer's hard, but very thin, shell is simply there for protection. Because of Cancer's extreme sensitivity, they tend to go at things in a sideways, indirect manner. After all, directly going for what one wants, leaves one open to the risk of rejection. (Cancer's biggest emotional fear).

Traditonal and Sentimental

Your Cancer lover likes tradition, family, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet. Cancer is sentimental about the past, so Cancer often likes to keep old photo albums nearby. These photo albums, more often than not, will include pictures of former lovers. If you’re the jealous type, then keep repeating to yourself: “I’m the one she’s with now. I’m the one she’s with now. I’m the one she’s with now. I’m the one she’s with now.” For your Cancer lover, the past often feels more "real" than the unknown future. It's important to understand that your Cancer lover simply feels safer and more certain about moving into the unknown future, when knowing and remembering the past.

Artemis and the Moon

One of many goddesses associated with the Moon was the Greek goddess, Artemis. Artemis was a teetotal wild child. She was the virgin goddess of the hunt who perennially had a dog by her side. The only male from mythology that Artemis was ever associated with was the great hunter, Orion. Unfortunately, Artemis killed Orion by utilizing the Scorpion that later became the Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio. One ancient version said Artemis and Orion were lovers, and that she became angry and jealous when he jilted her. Another version says that Orion was going around boasting that he was a greater hunter than the goddess of the hunt, Artemis. One version says that Orion saw Artemis naked while she was taking a bath in a stream. I don't know... I think maybe Artemis was just in one of those quickly passing, unpredictable "moods" of hers.


Your Cancer lover has a memory like an elephant. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking the sign of Cancer was somehow once associated with the elephant. (However, don’t quote me on that.) Unfortunately, there are times when your Cancer lover’s wonderful memory is a wee bit selective in nature. That means Cancer remembers every stupid, thoughtless, careless thing you’ve done or said in the past (remember - the past is more "real" to Cancer, than the future). Cancer may eventually forgive your mistakes of the past, but they never truly forget. And, like Mr. Rogers says, “Can you say the word, ‘passive aggressive paybacks?’ I thought you could.”

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