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How did Aries get its name?

Aries - Latin for "the Ram" (Krios in Greek), not to be confused with the Greek war-god Ares. Aries the ram is connected with several different possible rams in Greek mythology.

However, the most common association in ancient sources is that this is the friendly ram with a golden fleece that carried Phirxus and Helle across the Straight of Hellespont.

During the trip, the ram unfortunately managed to drop Helle (who was later rescued by Poseidon) but the ram made it safely through with Phirxus. At the end of the journey - the ram voluntarily shed its golden fleece, gave it to Phirxus as a remembrance, and then went away to the stars.

Other versions say that Zeus placed the ram in the heavens after it had been sacrificed to him and then skinned. This is the ram whose golden fleece inspired the legendary quest by the original Jason and the Argonauts of Greek mythology.

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