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Sun in Aries

"Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing." Thomas Jefferson - Sun in Aries - advising his daughter Martha, 1787.

Aries energy - motivated by inspiration and aspiration! Spontaneity! Ready for encounter! Fire on the mountain! The Fire energy of Aries can be warm, vital, vivacious, cheerful and loyal to whatever happens to hold its interest. Fire energy craves freedom and opportunity.... yep, a steady stream of opportunity for new experiences.

Element of Fire
Fire energy can be assertive, competitive, ambitious and full of confidence for the future. Fire energy learns best when actively engaging and grabbing hold of life. Fire loves adventure and hates routine! To be potent and active is a key self-concept for Aries. Of all the fire signs, Aries is the most outgoing (and impulsive).

Restless and Ruled by Mars
Ruled by the planet Mars (the Roman god of War), Aries energy is the most restless fire sign. Aries needs to constantly be up and doing. In the most ancient of times the Babylonians knew what we now call the planet of Mars to be their war deity named Nergal.

A later identification of the Greek with Babylonian names was supposedly started by the quite mystical Pythagoreans, and during this period of time the Greeks often called this fiery planet the "star of Hercules." (They thought all the planets were wandering stars.) Cool, eh? Bet you didn't know that the Zodiac sign of Aries was associated with the ever popular Hercules. Even from the most ancient of times, Hercules has always been an incredibly popular hero. He was undoubtedly the number one favorite hero of the ancient Greeks. Yep! There's just something special about good old Herc.

Hercules Connection
One small caution... if you're primarily acquainted with Hercules via "The Adventures of Hercules" starring Sun Sign Libra Kevin Sorbo (September 24, 1958), then it's important to keep in mind that Sorbo greatly softened up and refined the powerful raw imagery of Hercules for millions of happy and satisfied television viewers. As such, you're missing out on much of the impulsive, gritty, fiery, charge ahead, take no prisoners, warrior energy of Hercules.

In mythology Hercules is perhaps best known for having completed what are called the 12 Labors of Hercules. It's likely that Hercules originally only completed 9 or 10 labors, and then a couple of extra labors were added on a wee bit later to bring the number up to 12. When reading all 12 of the Labors, it's fascinating to make note of the many connections between Hercules' 12 Labors and the Zodiac Signs of Aries and Scorpio, both of which were traditionally ruled by the warrior planet Mars. The 12 Labors of Hercules include plenty of good hard fighting action and adventure with Hercules constantly being confronted with and alternatively challenging the powers of the underworld and death.

Capturing the Man-eating Mares
Among those astrologers who like to associate the 12 Labors with the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, Hercules' Labor of Capturing the Man-eating Mares is the Labor most often associated with the Zodiac Sign of Aries. In this Labor Diomedes, a son of Mars, ruled the Thracian tribe of Bistonia. There in the marshes of Bistonia Diomedes raised man-eating mares of war. So fierce were these man-eating mares that all men were said to tremble at the sound of their hooves. The mares ravaged the land, wreaking damage and killing all who crossed their path. Certain of the accounts say that there were four of these mares, and Diomedes fed them with the flesh of unsuspecting visitors to his kingdom. Capturing these fierce and murderous mares was to be Hercules' Labor.

To help out in this Labor, Hercules set sail for Bistonia with a band of comrades. Depending upon the account Hercules and his comrades relentlessly tracked down and followed the mares as they ranged across the vast meadows and marshes of Bistonia. Finally, Hercules cornered the wild mares in a field where there was no place left for them to escape. Hercules caught and tethered the horses, and then let out a great whoop of joy at his success.

Rash Decisions
At this point, it was discovered that Diomedes had sent a troop of soldiers to recapture the mares. Hercules made the rash decision that his efforts would be much better spent in fighting off the troops of Diomedes.

So Hercules called upon the youngest of his comrades, Abderos. Hercules gave over to young, inexperienced Abderos the duty of completing the task by driving the horses back alone. However, unaided by the strength and experience of Hercules, Abderos quickly became fearful of completing the task. Abderos discovered that he could not hold the mares, harness them, or drive them back. The horses, smelling fear, turned on young Abderos. Killing Abderos, the horses and mares then escaped into the even wilder lands of Diomedes' kingdom.

In the meantime, Hercules fought off the Bistone troops and killed Diomedes. Grief-stricken and discouraged at the death of young Abderos, Hercules returned to his task. Leaving behind his dead friend, Hercules again followed the mares from place to place. He once again captured the mares, this time driving them back by himself. Problem was that his good friend Abderos now lay dead. In honor of Abderos, Hercules founded the city of Abdera.

The Pioneer
Aries is the pioneering energy of the Zodiac. As such, Aries is quick to take action, initiative, and get things rolling. However, Aries really doesn’t prefer to be the one responsible for "the long haul" and/or seeing things through. (It’s generally better to leave that sort of thing to a nice dependable earth sign like Capricorn or Virgo. Just take care that they don't end up dead like poor old Abderos.)

In the circle of the Zodiac, Aries is the archetypal first sign. Being the first rush of energy (archetypally speaking), the active, in-your-face, hot-blooded, pioneering energy of Aries learns that if you push hard enough and talk loud enough - then the world will often come running to your door.

On an archetypal, universal level, Aries is usually seeking just about anything other than the peace, serenity, and/or harmony commonly found in the 2nd Zodiac sign of Taurus... Individuals living out the fuller potentials contained within Aries may be energetic, buoyant, enthusiastic and warm.

With the Sun in Aries, this fiery, energetic attitude may have been the way you perceived the image of your father (or another significant male figure) when you were young and still in the early stages of childhood.

One more thing Sun in Aries (before you rush off) - I'm pretty sure the saying, "Look before you leap!" was referring specifically to the Sun in Aries. Just remember that you can become so busy forging ahead and making new paths that you fail to notice that person sneaking up to stab you in the back or the good friend, like young Abderos, that you left far behind.

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. So Let Your Light Shine!

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