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Aquarius and Love

Unconventional, friendly, unpredictable and innovative are all characteristics of your wonderful and engaging Aquarius lover. Aquarius thrives on being unique, original, and may even be considered by others as being a wee bit eccentric.

Your Aquarius lover will indeed be a wonderful and engaging friend. Aquarius can also be (when he or she decides to kick up their heels) a wildly exciting, fun, and exhilarating partner when it comes to a special "wild night out on the town" or when doing something of an original, bizarre, and/or unexpected nature.

But a steady diet of the "ordinary" or the "typical" and that of taking long romantic walks under the moonlight, quietly sipping wine, and holding hands while engrossed in intimate conversation during candlelit dinners? No... no... not so much. On occasion... fine... however, a steady diet of the predictable... no...

It's best that Aquarius' lover understands upfront that freedom loving Aquarius, barring other factors in the chart, tends not to be all that comfortable in close, intimate, and personal one to one settings and/or - for that matter - "typical relationships."

Close, intimate, and personal relationships have a nasty tendency to get emotionally messy, clingy, and overly possessive. And Aquarius tends to be rather awkward when it comes to experiencing anything that even vaguely smells of emotionally messy, clingy, and overly possessive. Aquarius enjoys keeping things light and easy. As such... Aquarius may likely view any extreme displays of emotion as being weakness in character.

In particular, Aquarius is normally aghast at any public displays of sentimental emotion and/or feeling. Therefore, Aquarius is not generally recommended as someone that you will want to seek out for emotional support and/or to have a good cry on their shoulder.

Your Aquarius lover is normally not going to be a "touchie," "feelie," "snugglely" partner. Aquarius is associated with the element of air - and, as such, Aquarius may not be completely in touch and comfortable with his or her body. Aquarius may even turn on and turn off his or her sexuality like a light switch. I'm not saying here in any way that Aquarius is a sexless sign or that Aquarius is incapable physical and emotional intimacy...

It's fascinating that each year we celebrate love and lovers on February the 14th while the Sun is traveling through the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. Down through the centuries, Valentine's Day has progressively grown more and more associated with the friendship qualities of Aquarian love. Your Aquarius lover is, in fact, the most comfortable with friendship love. Aquarius tends to generate a friendly, people-oriented mental energy.

Aquarius values humanity as a whole and enjoys living in a world of detached intellect and ideals. Aquarius values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Aquarian energy (at its best) is channeled through creative theoretical constructs that can be used for the purpose of bringing about the greater social good.

In plain simple language that means Aquarius shines best when reaching out for their high and lofty ideals. Your Aquarius lover approaches the world with a sense of cold hard logic and reason - and everything (everyone, including you) is open to his or her analysis.

Aquarius says that I love you enough to let you grow and be free to more fully and completely become who you are. So... if you love me then you will allow me to grow and be free to more fully and completely become who I am.

Shadow: Aquarius can become the prototype of the "mad scientist" who becomes so consumed with and bent on creating something new and original, that he or she refuses to look at the consequences involved. In the pursuit of his/her higher ideals, Aquarius may remain blind to the Pandora box of deadly plagues that's about to be opened.

The further temptation of Aquarius is the tendency to become the archetypal "Iceman" of the Zodiac. Aquarian love can then become icy, cold detachment and total isolation... with the "Iceman" forever escaping into the safety of his/her own high ivory tower of intellect and lofty ideals. The detachment of your Aquarius lover then becomes a safe tower where no one can ever again touch (and hurt) the "Iceman"...

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