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Aquarius Zodiac Sun Sign

"They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea." - Francis Bacon (1561-1626) English philosopher, lawyer and politician (Sun and Ascendant in Aquarius).

Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus and located in the element of air, is stimulated mentally and tends to have a friendly but detached and objective perspective toward life.

Charged By Ideas and Ideals

Aquarius is normally motivated and recharged by intellectual concepts, social interaction, and the communication of ideas and/or ideals... Aquarius, located in the element of air (barring other factors), tends to produce an active mind. For Aquarius, the world is often approached with reason and everything (everyone) is open to objective, fair-minded analysis.

Aquarius also tends to generate a friendly, people-oriented mental energy. Unconventional, friendly, unpredictable, and innovative are all characteristics normally associated with the sign of Aquarius. As an Aquarian, you likely thrive on your originality and you may be a wee bit rebellious. You may even be considered a wee bit eccentric.

Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus, values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Aquarius values humanity and enjoys living in a world of detached intellect. And inventive Aquarian energy (at its best) is channeled through creative theoretical constructs which can be used for the purpose of bringing about the greater social good.

Darker Side

But lest I become guilty of overly romanticizing the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius... like all the other Zodiac Signs, Aquarius has its darker side. Aquarius can often become too detached. The temptation of Aquarius is to then become the archetypical "Iceman" of the Zodiac. Aquarius then becomes icy, cold detachment and total isolation.... with the "Iceman" forever escaping into the safety of his/her own high ivory tower of intellect and lofty ideals. The detachment of Aquarius becomes a safe tower where no one can ever again touch (and hurt) the "Iceman..."

Aquarius is also associated with the archetypal image of the mad scientist, and can play the roles of both Dr. Frankenstein, who wanted to create life out of death, and that of his lonely monster who needed a special someone to keep him company....

Aquarius and Prometheus?

Some astrologers who like associating the differing ruling planets with the mythology of their namesakes are (putting it mildly) a wee bit unhappy, uncomfortable, and disquieted with the naming of the planet Uranus. Richard Tarnas, one of the current "big dogs" of archetypal astrology, seemingly long ago abandoned the crotchety, cantankerous Greek god, Ouranos, for the rebellious Greek Titan god, Prometheus, the "bringer of fire" and friend of humanity.

Maybe a campaign should be started to officially rename the planet Uranus to Prometheus (it might, at least, get more respect that way). Anyway, I can't resist taking this idea just a wee bit further.

You see... the Titan god Prometheus had three brothers: Epimetheus, Atlas, and Menoitios. And each of the four Titan brothers appears to share an affinity with the rebellious, independent energies of Aquarius. Let's, however, for the moment focus on Prometheus and Epimetheus.

Prometheus/Epimetheus Relationship - Greek Mythology

The story goes that once upon a time... Zeus, the ruling Greek god of Mount Olympus, decided to give the two Titan brothers, Prometheus (meaning foresight) and Epimetheus (meaning hindsight), the unique task of populating the earth.

The brother Epimetheus (hindsight) immediately jumped in and created all sorts of interesting animals. The animals that he created could run extremely fast, they had excellent endurance, and they were all endowed with extraordinary physical strength. All of the animals could see, smell, and hear quite well. Due to a lack of foresight (remember his name means hindsight), Epimetheus appeared to have lavished all of the totally awesome gifts on the animals.

Prometheus Created Men

Prometheus (foresight), then, finally getting his turn, set about creating humans. Prometheus created the forms of these humans from out of the elements of earth and water - and then Athena, goddess of wisdom, bestowed “soul” to the lifeless forms by bringing butterflies (psyche) to them.

But when Prometheus finished shaping his humans, he discovered that Epimetheus had already foolishly handed out all the incredibly good gifts to the animals. Yep! There were very few good gifts left over to give to humans.

Forever being inventive and resourceful, Prometheus decided this sort of thing just wouldn't do! So he went before Zeus and asked if it would be okay if his mortals could share in Zeus' sacred fire.

However Zeus told Prometheus no, because Zeus' sacred fire belonged to the gods alone. Shockingly enough, it seems that the all powerful Zeus thought that humans would become arrogant if they possessed the wonderful blessing of his sacred fire. Imagine that!

Stealing Fire From the Hearth of Zeus

Anyway... along with being inventive and resourceful, Prometheus was a rebellious sort of fellow. So Prometheus stole some of the sacred fire from the hearth of Zeus and then gave the sacred fire to his mortals in spite of Zeus' wishes to the contrary.

As a result of receiving the gift of Zeus' sacred fire from Prometheus, humanity no longer had to endure cold, bitter nights. And because the other animals feared the light of fire? They stopped attacking men.

Much to Prometheus' credit, according to Greek mythology, he taught humanity all of the proper uses for fire, invented mathematics and introduced (to the world of mortals) such diverse crafts as metalworking, architecture, and writing.

Aquarius, your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. Let Your Light Shine!

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