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Who Is Dr Z?

Providing The Internet With Quality Astrology Since 1996
Sporting degrees in Theology and Jurisprudence, Dr Z (aka Anthony L Peña, JD) is one of a handful of pioneering astrologers that, during the Internet's infancy, recognized the untapped potential of the World Wide Web.

Opening his first astrology web site, The Zodiac Master, in September 1996 - Dr Z has since then maintained a continuous Internet presence. Yep! That's right... Dr Z has been bringing quality astrology to the Internet at various venues since 1996.

Zodiac Master - A Novel Approach
Dr Z, a strong believer in local astrology, has always held the opinion that folks tend to get more "bang for their bucks" through the experience of visiting a local astrologer. Therefore, during the early years that The Zodiac Master was on the web, Dr Z chose not to hawk any of his astrological services.

Instead, Dr Z chose the then novel concept of entertaining, educating, and introducing Web Surfers to the fascinating world of astrology. At the time, providing the online world with an astrology site dedicated to informative articles and tutorials was a virtually unheard of phenomenon.

Due to Dr Z's initial efforts, in 1998 his web site, The Zodiac Master, was honored to be 1 of only 10 astrology sites selected for review in the November 1998 Edition of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine!

Internet Services at the Zodiac Master
Eventually, in 2001 Dr Z finally came to the realization that he was being old-fashioned, stuck in the mud, and out of sync with the times. So, although he's still convinced that folks normally get more "bang for their bucks" by visiting a local astrologer - he opened StarryMart at The Zodiac Master that provides limited Internet astrology readings and reports.

Expert Astrology Guide at About - 6/99-7/06
For 7 years, from 1999 to 2006, Dr Z (aka Anthony L Peña, JD) served the Internet at large as the expert astrology guide at (owned by the NY Times).

During Dr Z's 7 years spent at About, his astrology guide site became known as an information hub for quality astrology on the Internet, providing a wide variety of entertaining astrology tutorials, articles, and resources for visitors of all differing levels of astrological interest and knowledge.
In late Fall of 2006, Dr Z finally opened the beginnings of this site, Astrology with Dr Z, designed to tickle the fancy of all those many folks simply interested in Sun Signs and Sun Sign descriptions.

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